Friday, 18 October 2013

Blutooth Speaker

wireless Bluetooth speaker systems let you play music stored on a phone, tablet, media player, or computer that's across the room or even elsewhere in the house.

portable bluetooth  wi fi speaker
Speaker docks are a handy place to park your iPod and iPhone when you want to listen to your music without headphones, but there’s another option: wireless speaker systems that can play music stored on a phone, tablet, media player, or computer.

portable wifi blutooth speaker
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Portable Bluetooth wi-fi speaker

Bluetooth is the go-to option for anyone looking for a (usually) cheap and easy wireless speaker. Bluetooth speakers are ideal for households that aren't strictly Apple-centric, since they work with all nearly all smartphones (Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) and many Android tablets, as well as all iPhones, iPads, and all iPod Touch models (except for the first-gen Touch).
Bluetooth speakers are designed with rechargeable batteries, so they can be moved from room to room with ease. Travel models are even smaller, and often include speakerphone functionality as well. We've included the best of all such models below.

Pantagone satellite presents a Bluetooth speakers which  are more compatible with most smartphones and computers; AirPlay is really only compatible with Apple gear.
Bluetooth is also oddly the cheapest way to scoot your music between multiple rooms—by moving a battery-powered speaker between different areas of your house, you eliminate the expense of trying to have multiple AirPlay or Sonos speakers in different areas of your home. (Although AirPlay and Sonos will let you swap what you’re listening to between different speakers in your house, the capability assumes you want to spend money on multiple speakers.)
PORTABLE SIZE. MASSIVE SOUND. The go-anywhere, do-anything portable wireless speaker with massive sound that lets you share your music everywhere.

READY FOR ACTION Chuck it in your bag, throw it to your friends and take it along for the ride to keep the party going. You really can take your speakers  anywhere. Its durable design is 
dust and splash resistant and the rugged, rubber sole can handle the bumps and knocks of the journey.   

PUMP UP THE VOLUME Don't let your eyes deceive you – this small speaker is loud. It packs a powerful woofer and a custom-designed bass slave for mind-bending lows and dual tweeters for soaring highs. sounds great at any level, go ahead and turn it up.

WELL-CONNECTED You can pair it 
wirelessly via Bluetooth or in a flash with NFC**. Solemate also works with a 3.5 mm audio cable or USB cable. Solemate plays wirelessly up to 10 meters away, so you can DJ the party from across the room.   

SAY HELLO TO THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Take your calls or video chats to the next level by using  your own 
personal speakerphone or use your Speakers  to transform your computer or tablet into a portable cinema, stereo or arcade. 

portable blutooth wi fi speaker

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